Comic Coma

A Comic Publishing House on the Web.

What Comic Coma Means

First of all, allow me to welcome you to Comic Coma’s temporary home. I will be using this site mostly to gather up people interested in joining our family. What our family does, is make, talk about, critique, review, and love comics. We are writers, artists, colorists, editors, and bloggers. We are Comic Coma.

Comic Coma, it its most basic form, is a publishing house. We strive to produce the highest quality independent comics we can right here on the internet using the same business model as print comics. Each Comic Coma comic will be on a 22 page schedule delivering content monthly, or bi-monthly. Vistors will have the option of viewing the comic or downloading the entire thing in .cbr format. In house ads for the other Comic Coma comics will be included to increase interest in the other creative team’s comics. Bloggers will have regular column schedules for a weekly blog article. Comic Coma’s goal is to eventually make the transition to printed comics as opposed to a straight online format, but to generate buzz and begin the publishing schedule we will start online.

If you are an aspiring comic creator or blogger feel free to contact me at and we can continue the conversation about what it means to be a part of Comic Coma and what role you can play.

If you have been looking into a way to be a part of the comics industry this is it. Together we can create incredible comics.

Founder and Editor in Chief,

Anthony Reed


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