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The Comic Coma Capital Campaign

We are getting very close to the release of the first issue of a Comic Coma Publishing comic! As we get closer though, we find ourselves in need of a bit of a capital campaign. Our target? A measly 300 dollars before we can launch the official site and release the first issue for purchase in stores and on demand.
How do we propose to raise this sum? Stay tuned for an announcement of some events to try and reach that point, but until then we have put up a donation button over there to the right! Of course, we wouldn’t want you to go empty handed for your donations so we have put together the following:

$10 – Special thanks in the two premier issues coming out from Comic Coma Publishing (Zom and Comic Coma).
$20 – Special thanks in the two premier issues and a FREE signed copy of Zom #1 by creators Anthony Reed and Spencer Hawkes (We can’t promise the signing will not deface the value of the paper.)
$30 – The special thanks, the free signed Zom #1 and an original 8×10 drawing by Zom artist Spencer Hawkes especially for you!
and finally,
$300 – We will write, draw, and publish a 22 page one-shot comic with you as the hero for you to cherish for ever and ever!

Of course, just because we have an incentive structure doesn’t mean you have to play by our rules. Feel free to donate however much you feel apt and should you meet any of our tiers we will gladly repay you in the ways we can. Tell your friends, tell your enemies, help us get the books into your hands soon!


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